March 19, 2020

WincLocal launched to help Winchester small businesses

We've used our software experience to create a platform for local small businesses to succeed.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 has been a big problem for small businesses. So in response, Fiat Insight launched WincLocal to help small businesses in Winchester, Virginia deal with the crisis a little better.

WincLocal provides easy-to-use profiles and publishing that businesses can use to manage their customer communication, updates, and media presence from a single, locally-sourced web application. WincLocal doesn't replace small business websites — but businesses with less-than-great sites can use their WincLocal profile to do things like update business hours, contact information, post images, coupons, and more.

WincLocal is easy to use, very fast, and mobile-first.
We're creating business profiles on behalf of local companies now. And we're reaching out to them to get them set up with user access to manage their own information for free.

If you're a small business in Winchester, reach out to us today to get connected with your account!