April 9, 2020

What can you do with WincLocal?

You use lots of tools to run your business. Why add another?

You use lots of tools to run your business. Instagram, Facebook, Yelp, a website. Why add one more?

WincLocal isn't just another tool. It's a way to connect your opportunities with your local community. It amplifies what you're already doing, and creates new value for you and your business.

Mobile first

WincLocal is mobile first. It works on the web, but you can download like a native app. (Try it on Android, or with Safari on iPhone!) And if you can do it, so can your customers! It makes staying up to date with relevant content easier, faster, and more fun.
Content control

Speaking of content, WincLocal makes publishing a breeze. Post updates and articles in seconds using an intuitive editor. Include pictures, text, links, and more. WincLocal gives you the chance to control the velocity of your business messaging better than ever.

Get discovered

By connecting lots of local, small business profiles, WincLocal helps to create a stronger, more discoverable presence for your business on Google search. Show up in the WincLocal directory, have your posts indexed in the sitemap, and supercharge the way your business can be found by users searching for keywords and content that you control.