April 28, 2020

Local, grass fed beef delivered to your home

Cottonwood Ranch provides some of the best Black Angus beef in the Shenandoah Valley. And they'll deliver it to your home.

Cottonwood Ranch provides some of the finest local, grass fed Black Angus beef in the Shenandoah Valley.

Located near the banks of the beautiful, winding Shenandoah River in Front Royal, Virginia, the farm is family owned and operated by Paul and Kristin Uhlenkott. The owners go to great lengths to to ensure that their cattle are humanely treated throughout their entire lives. And that care comes through in the unique quality of the beef they produce.
With a primary diet of natural pasture grasses, and supplemented by protein-rich beer mash from local area breweries, Cottonwood Ranch beef just tastes wonderful! From roasts to steaks to ground beef and specialty cuts, the meat is flavorful, tender, and as fresh as it comes. The owners will work with you to provide the cuts you like, or even recommend something you might not have thought about.

Maybe the best part of Cottonwood Ranch's service is the home delivery. Ordering a half or full beef can be a little daunting — especially if it's your first time! But the Uhlenkott's make it easy, delivering, separating, and even helping to unload your order into your home freezer.

Due to recent events, Cottonwood Ranch updates its inventory availability daily. To get the latest information and to place an order, give them a call today!