May 5, 2020

The Best Bagel Ever, Really

It's a tall order — near impossible, really. But sometimes the "Best" really is, absolutely, the Best.

If you've seen Elf, you know the dangers of claiming to be the "World's Best" anything. In Will Ferrell's case, the World's Best Cup of Coffee.

To most of us — not raised by elves at the North Pole — the accolade "Best Ever" is a reason to believe that something is probably exactly not that. It's probably darn near the worst. We live vicariously through the underwhelmed Zooey Deschanel:

It tastes like a crappy cup of coffee. It is a crappy cup of coffee.
But sometimes, you'll be surprised. Sometimes you'll be shocked, even. Sometimes the "Best" actually really is the Best.

Steamy's Cafe in Winchester advertises having the "Best Bagel Ever." It's a tall order. Almost an impossible claim, to be frank. But honestly, we'd dare you to tell us otherwise.

And we're not the only ones. People rave about it — 284 Google reviews as of this writing, and still a whopping 4.7 star rating. "Hands down the best bagel sandwich we have ever had in our lives," writes one reviewer. "It was a work of art." "Went there for the first time on a business trip," another says. "If I lived here I would go EVERY DAY! The bagel sandwich was the best I've ever had."

And there are 282 more where that came from: "Amazing," "exceptional" and (probably most accurate of all) "the jackpot."
Lenny Sweet — the owner and maybe the real "Main Event" at Steamy's — knows what the heck he's doing. Beyond the perfectly cooked bacon, tasty, fluffy eggs, and a bagel that's delightfully crispy yet chewy on the inside and steeped with flavor, Lenny is the sort of guy that makes a breakfast sandwich and a coffee just a little bit better.

Sound impossible? Again, we'd totally dare you to say otherwise.

In addition to the quality food and service, Steamy's has great prices, a chill, comfortable atmosphere, and some of the easiest curbside ordering around. Just visit their website and put in your name, phone number, and selection, and you'll probably hear back within seconds confirming the exact time for your pick up.
So when you inevitably stop into Steamy's for a quick quarantine fix, feel free to pull a Will Ferrell and exclaim confidently — to Lenny and anyone else within earshot:

You did it! Congratulations! The Best Bagel Ever! Great job, everybody! It's great to meet you..

You won't be wrong. And you definitely won't regret it.