May 18, 2020

Krazy for Kava? You Should Be...

Coffee, Kava, Kratom,..oh my!

Are you a fellow coffee enthusiast with a thirst for more than just ‘the usual’? Then you have to check out Java Kava!

Java Kava is Winchester's first and only kava bar. But even if that's not your jam, no worries, the extremely talented baristas can still whip up all your traditional coffee shop favorites, and even serve them up with one of their famous waffles on a stick. Yes, you read that correctly..WAFFLES ON A STICK — because who doesn’t love a good waffle (or really any food served on a stick for that matter).

While kava is their specialty, and the whole staff is incredibly knowledgeable about it, Java Kava is also one of the few local spots that offers kratom, as well. Their expertise is especially valued since not everyone is as familiar with some of these wonderful herbs and their many advantages. Both kava and kratom are known for their holistic health benefits and are members of the coffee and tea family, making this already unique hangout even more special.

Located on Winchester's beautiful downtown walking mall, it’s also a great spot to catch live music, poetry readings, or to just kick back and take a load off.

So if you haven't experienced Java Kava yet, what are you waiting for? Coffee, kratom, kava, AND WAFFLES!? Come on, you know you want to..

Stop by today and tell them we sent you!