May 19, 2020

(Crash) Tested and Deemed Yummy

Crash-Test Yummies celebrates one year anniversary

Crash Test Yummies is about to celebrate their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY since parking their truck at a more permanent location. 

The much loved food truck set up shop in Winchester, VA conveniently located alongside one of the towns main roads, West Jubal Early. However, while some may argue that the new location may not be easily spotted by the untrained eye, those who’ve ever experienced the fresh and flavorful culinary creations can’t help to see anything but when cruising by. In fact, due to their reputation for greatness, it didn’t take long at all before Crash Test Yummies found themselves fulfilling numerous orders and running out of seats in the dining room.

Not only is it their artisan crafted sandwiches (not to mention their soups and salads) that keep people coming back for more, but their hospitality goes unmatched. In addition to celebrating their one year anniversary, Crash Test Yummies is also opening back up their FULL menu and trying to return to a new normal following the re-opening of many Virginia businesses. This means that crowd favorites like the Members Only Club and the Milroy are back up for grabs. And trust me, you definitely want to get your hands on these bad boys if you haven’t yet..or even if you have. Another personal favorite is their G.O.A.T. grilled cheese - trust me, it’s the ultimate comfort food, especially paired with their tomato basil soup. Seriously, if you still have yet to experience the magic of Crash Test Yummies, do yourself a favor and pick some up today.