May 27, 2020

The One Where Coffee Wins

Could it BE any better?

Sometimes you want more than a quick cup of coffee — you want an experience.
Just like so many others, I’ve watched every episode of the classic sitcom 'FRIENDS' too many times to count, and as we all know their local coffee shop, Central Perk, had the reputation of being the gang’s always reliable hangout. Its cozy and welcoming environment made it the perfect place to catch up with loved ones, read the paper, or simply sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee.
If you’ve ever wished that such a place existed in real life — you’re in luck. Winchester’s own Espresso Bar & Cafe is everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. This downtown staple is the kind of place that as soon as you walk in, you feel instantly at home.
The staff is not only incredibly welcoming, they’re also extremely knowledgeable and skilled at their craft. Their artistry is unmatched when it comes to creating memorable drinks that keep you coming back time and time again. One of my personal favorites is their iced lavender honey latte.
If you have yet to experience the joys and comfort of Espresso Bar, do yourself a favor and be sure to stop by. Especially during these trying times when we could all use a ‘friend’ (and a good cup of coffee), have no fear for the Espresso Bar will always be there for you.