July 8, 2020

Schenck Foods Grocery is Great for Old Town

Just off the walking mall next to Bright Box, SFG serves Old Town's long forgotten fresh food needs.

One of Winchester's most venerable businesses, Schenck Foods, recently launched a brand new concept in Old Town — a simple, but aptly named, new walking mall staple: Schenck Foods Grocery.
Tucked beside the Bright Box, and accessible from both the mall and Indian Alley, Schenck Foods Grocery is wonderfully convenient — if also a little understated. But that's probably only because the idea of a local, neighborhood-style grocery store in Old Town is something no one's really ever imagined. Just follow the fresh "SFG" logos into the Bright Center and you'll discover what we've all been missing and never noticed!
The grocery store is the only one for blocks, and caters to downtown locals, workers, and visitors looking for quick access to high-quality local foods. Their produce selection dominates the floor, and offers a surprising variety of colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables. They also stock locally sourced meats, sandwiches, picnic-style salads, as well as lots of usual grocery staples, paper products, frozen treats, and more.
Schenck Foods Grocery feels like a bespoke, trendy start-up. But because it's backed by a company as regionally successful and notable as Schenck Foods, that feeling doesn't come with a huge price tag. Most importantly, the value provided is extremely high. The staff not only curate interesting regional options, but are also able to hand select inventory and respond quickly to real market feedback. They're actively listening to new customers, learning what they can do differently to best serve Old Town's till-now neglected grocery needs.
We'd recommend stopping by Schenck Foods Grocery on your next stroll down the mall. If you're a local, it might be a great new place to pick up some quick items on the way home or back from the office. And if you're just passing through, check out out SFG as a fantastic example of Winchester's unique charm and innovative culture.