August 3, 2020

Working Alone Sucks

Think working from home sounds like living the dream? Yeah, most of us do...that is, until you actually do it.

Now don’t get us wrong, for some people being able to get the majority of their work done from the comfort of their couch is the absolute definition of a ‘life of luxury’. However for a lot of us, it can also get pretty boring (and frankly, a little lonely). Plus, there’s also the daunting reality that when you're sitting in your home office trying to be productive, you often find yourself constantly being reminded of the other tasks around the home simultaneously begging for your attention. Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to do your work other than your house or Starbucks? Well, have you checked out Innovault?
Innovault is revolutionizing the way we ‘work from home’ by creating a co-working space that is so much more than just that, it’s a community. Here, you have the positive aspects of working in an office, without the headache. Innovault is special in that it’s a place for all types of business professionals to work remotely, while socializing. 
The stunning architecture, layout, and other members, make it somewhere you genuinely want to be. Also, if you’re in the market for a private office, they offer those as well. You can even rent space in one of the conference rooms. There’s also a spacious basement featuring a beautifully crafted bar which is perfect for any work get togethers or social gatherings. Their building can also be rented out for weddings, parties, and other special events. 
Being a member of Innovault makes working alone a lot less lonely. The people there really become not just your co-workers, but your friends - and with so many businessmen/women, it’s also a great place to make connections. Innovault is the prime, local spot for entrepreneurs to meet, socialize, and support one another. If you have yet to check it out, stop by as soon as you can for their grand tour. You’ll be glad you did.