August 6, 2020

Strong Coffee, Stronger People

Follow me to 'Winchesters living room'..

Five years ago, the appropriately named Hideaway Cafe set up shop, tucked away under the old Post Office building in downtown Winchester. Shortly after opening, this always welcoming safe haven quickly brewed up a reputation as being not only one of the top cafe’s, but also one of the most caring. To date, they’ve already raised over $40,000 which they have since donated back into the community. 

After spending two years in it’s underground location, Hideaway emerged, resurfacing at its current home; the entrance of the walking mall on Loudoun - where they’ve continued to grow over the past three years. Hideaway puts its customers and its community first by not only donating to important, local causes, but by also ensuring that everyone who steps foot in the door feels valued. In here, we’re all equal, and during these trying times, that’s not something to be overlooked. Frankly, it’s the exact opposite.
Hideaway takes it’s coffee, caffeine infused cocktails, and cuisine extremely seriously, but one may argue that they take the overall concept of compassion just as seriously, if not more. That mindset is something we could all benefit from; work hard - care harder. That being said, let’s not forget the importance of their impressive craftsmanship when it comes to their expertly designed menu. Every cup of coffee, every sandwich, item is given just as much attention as the next. You can tell upon that first bite, or first sip, that this is a place which genuinely takes pride in their work. 

Personally, here at WincLocal (myself in particular), we pride ourselves on being ‘caffeine junkies’ and dare I say, even coffee snobs - Hideaway never lets us down. They have perfected the classics, while also offering creative weekly specials. They even host various events where locals can gather and simply enjoy one another's company. It’s refreshing to see this type of establishment really take off in our small town. Thank you again for all you do Hideaway - never change.