October 21, 2020

Spend Your Fall Chasin' Axe

This Fall promises excitement, thanks to Chasin' Axe — a brand new urban axe throwing range located in Old Town Winchester.

It's well and truly Fall — and who doesn't love that? When cool days, cardigans, and pumpkin spice lattes are upon us. It's the perfect time to cozy up with a book by a fire, sip warm spirits on a chilly porch, or reconnect with old friends.

But this year, Fall promises some new excitement, too, thanks to Chasin' Axe — a brand new, urban axe throwing range located above Union Jack on Winchester's Old Town mall.
"Axe throwing in a bar?! That sounds dangerous!"

Not really.

Axe throwing is incredibly popular now, and venues near bigger cities attract thousands of new fans each year. It's a safe sport — only about twelve feet separate the thrower from the target. (And it's more of a toss than a throw, anyway.) To be good takes skill, some focus, and a soft touch.

But it's a great bar game, too! Food and drinks from Union Jack make throwing axes at Chasin' Axe a different experience than anywhere else. The ambiance is warm, relaxed, and very flannel-friendly!
The setup is simple: $25/person for an hour of throwing. As many throws and as many games as you like! You can book online or call at (540) 751-8745 to save a spot. (Note: Fridays and Saturdays fill up very fast!)